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Sagana is a design and manufacturing company specialise in leather goods and bags for corporate and retail businesses. We place emphasis on the design and quality workmanship with a personal touch. We strive to give the identity factor to client by providing ideas and turning that ideas into a product that is catered to clients need and identity. To put it simply,

Our own factory in China supports our production for Leather goods and bags. With vast network of partnered factory and sourcing abilities, we also supply corporate premiums and gift items other than leather and bag for Events, Promotion, Marketing tools and so on.

Over the years, Sagana has extended our services to many major corporations across the globe. We are committed in providing better services to our clients to forge friendships and build a lasting relationship. Client satisfaction is our utmost goal.

In Sagana, we believe constantly reinventing ideas, providing quality material and quality workmanship, turning those ideas into a product to meets client ultimate goal and to deliver what is promised is what SERVICE is all about.

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